Tribute Gifts

Tribute Gifts

For questions regarding tribute gifts, please contact at 414-727-5290 or [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

What are tribute gifts?

There are two types of tribute gifts:

  1. Honorarium gifts are donations made in honor of a living person.
  2. Memorial gifts are donations made in memory of a friend or family member who is deceased.

How can I make a tribute gift?

Tribute gifts can be made online here.

How will the honoree or family receive notification of the gift I made?

If a donor requests that we notify the honoree or a particular person (friend or family member), then we will send a personalized letter to that person(s) informing them of your thoughtful and generous gift.

What language can I use in an obituary to request memorial gifts?

Please use the following verbiage: “Memorial gifts may be made online to First Tee — Southeast Wisconsin at”

I do not want to submit my gift online. Can I mail a check?

Absolutely. Please make checks payable to First Tee — Southeast Wisconsin and be sure to note in whom the gift of honor or memorial is made. You can mail a check to:

First Tee — Southeast Wisconsin
11350 W. Theo Trecker Way
West Allis, WI 53214

If I mail a check, how will I know that you received my donation?

Donors will receive an acknowledgment letter in the mail.

How can I make my tribute gift anonymous?

You will need to provide your personal information so that you can be credited and acknowledged for your gift. If you want your gift to be acknowledged as anonymous, please select the checkbox “I would like this gift to remain anonymous” under the Billing Address.

Will you share my tribute gift amount in the notification letters?

Gift amounts for tribute gifts are never shared. This information remains confidential.